Friday, May 19, 2006

block one on the camino unreal

"Midway upon the journey of our life you come to yourself in a dusky wood where the straight way is lost..."

first, the rules. there will be no spell checking or return editing of posts or comments. anonymous posting is enabled as essential, but you are encouraged to adopt a consistent posting name.

this boa (short for board, as in bulletin board system or is intended to keep alive the memory of the bbs era, in particular a couple of washington, d.c. area boas, (tel monks macintosh appreciation bulletin board) and Casboa, ellen caswell's similar single line bbs.

today i warn my children about the people they might meet online. the best people i met during my entire decade in d.c. were met through these forums. i have lost touch with all of them but hope that they will wander through a leave a note here on some might when, after an extra glass of wine, they feel inclined to wander to google and enter tmmabbs or casboa and press search.

there are virtually no links referncing tmmabbs or casboa left, only the memories of those who participated, but memories are what define our identify, just as at one point in the lives of everyone who frequented those online forums helped to define and refine our identies.


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